Guitar for beginners helps people of all ages learn to play guitar quickly so they can start playing their favorite songs quickly.

Guitar For Beginners is designed to get you started playing the guitar. We offer video instruction followed by instructor office hours where you can talk to the instructor via Google Hangouts and get pointers on your playing as well as get any of your questions answered. This isn’t your typical online course where you watch a video and are expected to just do it, this is real interaction with a real person to get you on your guitar playing journey.
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What You Will Learn

  • Parts Of The Guitar
  • How To Hold Your Guitar
  • Frets And Strings
  • How To Tune Your Guitar
  • Setting Practice Goals And Reaching Them
  • Beginner Guitar Rhythm
  • Your First Open Chords
  • Your First Power Chords

Course Requirements:

  • A Guitar
  • A Guitar Tuner
  • Internet Connection
  • A Desire to Learn Guitar
  • (Optional) Google Hangouts Account and a Camera to Connect to Google Hangouts


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Barbara Tidwell


Barbara Tidwell has been playing guitar, bass, ukulele for most of her life. Besides playing bass and guitar in a band, she has been actively teaching guitar online. Her passion is guitar and it shows in how she teaches. Barbara makes learning guitar both fun and educational and you start learning good songs right away. No more Mary Had A Little Lamb. Let’s learn some songs people really want to hear and you want to play.