This post shows you how to play What’s Up by 4 Non Blonds. This is an easy song for beginners that repeats the same chord progression throughout the song. This song introduces the new guitarist to the Am chord and only uses three chords.

One thing to note about the rhythm is that this can be greatly simplified by playing 4 eight notes per measure. It most fun when you play along with the original on youtube. Use and electronic tuner and you should be right in tune with the song. When I practice a song I really like to load up the video on YouTube and play along with the song with the original artist. Not only does this help me with the rhythm, but it is also much more fun. If I feel comfortable enough with it, I’ll even sing along with it. If the song is too fast, practice at a slower tempo with a metronome.

The rest of the chords for how to play What’s up are super simple open G chord and open C chord. Super simple but if you want to challenge yourself, try playing this song with barre chords instead of open chords. This is a great way to learn new voicings of chords and give you some practice with barre chords.