How To Tune A Guitar Using an Electronic Tuner

Every guitarist needs to know how to tune the guitar and there are several ways in which to accomplish this. We’ll start with the easiest first in this four-part serious on the various ways to tune your guitar. You should still learn all the other methods because electronics can fail you, so knowing how to tune by other methods is essential.

Electronic Guitar Tuners

Electric guitar tuners sense the vibrations of the strings and tune to the correct frequency using those vibrations. One of the more common types of electric tuners is those that clip to the headstock of your guitar. When you turn it on and play a string the tuner will register a frequency that is represented by a note. If you are trying to tune to low E and you see the F note come on the screen, you then tune the note lower until you see the E note start to register. Next, you would do the same if you are seeing the D note on the screen, tune-up till you see the E appear on the screen. Once you have found the correct string, keep adjusting the tuner until it registers in the green or the marker is directly in the middle of the screen.

Snark Electronic Guitar Tuners

Below is a short video on how to use the Snark brand of tuners. Snark has several different models so yours may vary but the concept is the same. By the way, I highly recommend the Snark brand. These are not only easy to use they are very reliable, well made, and have never given me grief.

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