Guitar Lesson Coaching Session


Spend 15 minutes with Bobbi with a personal guitar lesson to get feedback on your guitar playing, get answers to your questions, or just chat about what you are going through on your guitar playing journey.



Get a one on one coaching session guitar lesson from Bobbi with 15 minutes of her time to evaluate your playing, offer suggestions for improvement and practice, and answer any questions you might have about the beginner video lessons. These coaching sessions are offered via Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom. Purchase this and Bobbi will contact you directly about setting up a time and date for your in-person guitar lesson. Having trouble getting that F chord down. Let Bobbi help you by giving you pointers and practice tips to help you learn what you are having trouble with. All this for just 9.99.

If you have any simple questions about your guitar lessons, please go to the guitar lesson forum and ask there. Anyone can chime in and you can get your questions answered free of charge by any member of this website. It is a great way to get more than one opinion about your guitar playing questions. Click here to visit our forum.